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Our in-house engineering and design team works closely with our customers to provide timely, innovative solutions to our customers’ challenges. We are equipped with industry-leading design and testing capabilities. Whether you need one part or one million, our experienced design team will help you determine the most cost-effective solution to meet your specific needs.

Beaver Plastics has developed the capability to machine or cut an endless variety of packaging configurations. With excellent cushioning and vibration absorption qualities, EPS is especially appropriate for packaging, shipping and handling situations.

Beaver Plastics can manufacture from a number of different base materials, including EPS, GECET, R-MER and ARCEL expandable resins.

Product Testing

Prototypes must pass the same tests as the intended molded part. It must therefore perform as well as a molded part of the same dimensions and material density. These are the test machines used to simulate the effects of transportation, drop/shock and vibration on packaging projects.

Transport Simulator

Packaged products are placed in this transport simulator. The simulator oscillates and vibrates at adjustable displacement and frequency for a controlled period of time. This test simulates (in a controlled manner, using standardized testing) the effect of transporting a packaged product in a truck or airplane over long distances. The packaged product is placed on this simulator on three mutually perpendicular surfaces, each for a period of time.

Shock and Vibration Testing

Package products are placed in this shock and vibration testing system. Using random vibration and controlled acceleration and displacements, the packaged product is vibrated in three mutually perpendicular surfaces, each for a period of time. This test simulates the effect of random vibration on a packaged product, using standardized testing methods.

Drop Tester

Products are placed in this drop tester and released from a controlled height in a controlled manner, using standardized testing. The packaged product goes through a series of 10 drops:

  • Drop 1: package is dropped on box seam corner
  • Drops 2-4: package is dropped on box seam edge, and two other mutually perpendicular edges contacting the box seam.
  • Drops 5-10: package is dropped on six surfaces This test simulates the effect of dropping a packaged product.

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