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Dynaflex Void Form
Compressible Protection Against Subgrade Uplift

Frost Cushion

Product Description

DYNAFLEX Void Form is an expanded polystyrene (EPS) product designed to protect grade beams, some structural slabs, pile caps and other concrete structures from the forces of freezing subgrade materials or the swelling of clay soils. DYNAFLEX can absorb these strains through compression before heaving or cracking of the foundation occurs. DYNAFLEX is made from closed cell expanded polystyrene, thereby providing all-weather performance.

DYNAFLEX will compress under load, but, like all ‘solid’ EPS void form materials, resistance to compression increases with strain, exerting an ever increasing level of stress to the structure.

Available in Three Densities

To control the immediate deformation and thickness loss due to the weight of concrete placing, DYNAFLEX is available in three densities. Selecting high density versions for higher concrete placing loads will provide for an acceptable amount of initial load deformation and thickness loss, leaving a reasonable capacity for the product to safely absorb subgrade uplift.

Note: It is possible to calculate the ability of a structure to resist the upward lifting forces from compressed void form products by considering total structure mass and pull-out friction resistance of the piling or foundation system. However, for single story wood or steel frame structures, using Beaver Plastic’s Frost Cushion void form can be more appropriate, developing approximately one half of the lifting force of standard ‘solid’ void form products when compressed by soil swell.

Frost Cushion
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