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Manufactured by Beaver Plastics, GEOFOAM​ is an inert closed cell expanded polystyrene (EPS) product extensively used in geo technical applications where lightweight non-degradable fill is required.
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Geofoam from Beaver Plastics is expanded polystyrene normally used as a lightweight fill material in large earth structures, reducing loads imposed on adjacent and underlying soils. Since it is only about 1% of the weight of soil, Geofoam provides ready and inexpensive solutions to many geotechnical and engineering challenges. Geofoam blocks are simple to handle during construction and are unaffected by normally occurring weather conditions. They are easily cut and shaped on a project jobsite. Beaver Plastics produces Geofoam in a large range of material types to meet a wide variety of geotechnical situations. 

Looking for reliable geofoam suppliers for your lightweight fill needs? Look no further than Beaver Plastics. Our high-quality geofoam products are perfect for various geo-technical applications, offering durability and ease of installation.


Lightweight – is produced in a range of densities in order to economically meet specific project requirements. The ASTM Standard Specification for Rigid Cellular Polystyrene Geofoam D6817 provides performance data on different densities of EPS Geofoam.

Strength – Compressive resistance data has been developed for Geofoam at different densities. It is important to select the Geofoam type based on the performance at 1% compressive resistance, in order to prevent thermoplastic creep that could result in displacement or subsidence of the structure.

Construction Time – The rapid placement rate for Geofoam can shorten a project construction period, reducing traffic disruption and utility relocation. Choosing Geofoam can also help avoid weather delays, as it is not affected by precipitation.

Cost – Geofoam can reduce overall project costs through the elimination of backfilling and compaction, reducing loads on other supporting or nearby structures, and speed of assembly. “Life cycle costs” should also be considered, as a properly designed structure using Geofoam will never degrade, slump or be displaced laterally. Geofoam requires ZERO maintenance.

Insulating Effectiveness – Expanded polystyrene is one of the most effective and economical insulation materials used in modern building construction. Thermal efficiency may be a consideration in some projects where soil movement due to cyclic freeze/thaw activity must be controlled.

Protection – Geofoam is not resistant to some hydrocarbon products, like gasoline and diesel fuel. When necessary, protection can be readily provided with the use of protective membranes. These can be (but not limited to) products made of polyethylene and polypropylene. Geofoam can be exposed to UV light for some weeks, with only slight yellowing and surface dusting as a result. This will impair adhesion if the Geofoam is to be surface coated. Rasping and/or power washing will remove the surface degradation. Strong winds may displace Geofoam blocks both before and after placement. Beaver Plastics Geofoam Shear Plates can be used to hold the blocks in final position.

Design Support – Beaver Plastics can provide complete layout and installation drawings for your project. Geofoam blocks are available in any custom size. Standard Geofoam blocks measure 1.27m X 1.27m X 2.49m (50” X 50” x 98”), available up to 5.59 m (220”) in length.

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