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Commercial Construction

Beaver Plastics understands commercial contracting. It’s a fast-paced industry that is demanding and always changing. It is critical to find an industry partner that can provide the right solution in a timely manner. We manufacture our products ensuring a quality result that meets your specification requirements and stands up to the rigors of your commercial site – every time.
Commercial Construction
Terrafoam EPS

Terrafoam EPS – is a rigid EPS insulation panel with excellent resistance to freeze/thaw, zero capillarity and low moisture absorption, uses no blowing agents, does not off gas and has no loss of R-Value over time. Terrafoam Types I, II, III and IX are produced from inert closed cell expanded polystyrene (E.P.S.) 2ft x 8ft or 4ft x 8ft sheets from ½” to 48” thickness available.


Terrafoam HS – High compressive strength rigid EPS insulation meeting 30psi, 40 psi, 60 psi, 80 psi and 100 psi. Terrafoam Rigid Insulation products are produced from inert closed cell expanded polystyrene (E.P.S.) and have excellent resistance to freeze/thaw, zero capillarity, low moisture absorption characteristics, zero off-gassing and zero loss in R-value over time. Terrafoam HS is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to meet your project requirements.

Chrome GPS

Chrome GPS – Graphite insulation is today’s most environmentally sensitive polystyrene insulation. This new high-performance insulation technology maximizes thermal performance with a low carbon foot print. 2 ft x 8ft or 4ft x 8ft sheets from ½” to 48” thickness available.

Frost Cushion

Frost Cushion – Frost Cushion is was designed specifically to be used under concrete grade beams to compensate for frost and moisture-induced swelling of underlying soils that might otherwise lift or fracture concrete foundations.


Dynaflex – DYNAFLEX Void Form is an expanded polystyrene (EPS) product designed to protect grade beams, some structural slabs, pile caps and other concrete structures from the forces of freezing subgrade materials or the swelling of clay soils. Two stronger versions of Dynaflex (Md-2 and Hd-4) are also available.


DYNAVOID™ – a proprietary product developed by Beaver Plastics to meet the requirements for a moisture tolerant protective void form material to be used under structural concrete. Dynamic Inclusion, mechanically responsive to expanding soils, separates Dynavoid from typical void form products.

Halo Laminated GPS

HALO – from below-grade to above-grade, inside and out, Halo® is the Advanced Graphite Insulation System that features a series of rigid insulation products, each one perfectly designed for specific sections of the building envelope. The Halo® system provides a high performance graphite polystyrene (GPS) core combined with a series of ingenious laminate surfaces, each one customized to meet specific building envelope requirements, maximize energy efficiency and save time and labour on the job-site.

Logix Insulated Concrete Forms

Logix ICF – LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms is North America’s leading ICF Brand with well over 100 million square feet of ICF walls completed in homes, shops, multi-story and commercial buildings. LOGIX ICF gives you a wall system that’s not only long-lasting, but also quick to build, sound-proofed, energy-efficient and has a 3-hour fire resistance rating.

Heat Sheet

Heat Sheet – Heat-Sheet is a unique insulation panel designed to maximize thermal efficiency for hydronic radiant heating applications. Heat-Sheet will conserve energy, lower your heating costs and reduce installation labour. Heat-Sheet permits fast and accurate room temperature response to temperature controllers. The use of Heat-Sheet may also reduce the size and cost of system hardware.


INSULWORKS®™ – is a unique rigid insulation panel designed especially for hydronic heating applications. Its primary functions are to conserve energy and reduce cost and labor. INSULWORKS provides an efficient thermal barrier between the heated slab and the underlying ground.

Terrafoam EPE

Terrafoam EPE
– is a non-collapsing, rebounding Polyethylene void form product that can be used in a wide variety of severe construction applications.

Protection Board and Radon Barrier
Protection Board and Radon Barrier: is EPS (HS) rigid foam sheathing faced with a polypropylene woven fabric on both sides. The insulation is made with either EPS (expanded polystyrene) or GPS (expanded polystyrene containing graphite). Subterra Protection Board provides exceptional RADON Barrier protection when installed according to our Installation Guide.