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FORTRUSS is an EPS concrete forming system that provides unique opportunities to create beautiful and durable coloured or stamped concrete finishes, maximizes efficiency for heated floors, is fire safe, quiet and can provide R values exceeding R40. Applications include floors, decks and roof structures with clear spans of up to 40 feet. Explore the innovative Fortruss system for residential construction, featuring a suspended slab design that enhances structural integrity and insulation.


Structural Suspended Insulated Concrete Floor/Roof/Deck System

The Fortruss System is a stay-in-place concrete forming system used for suspended concrete floor assemblies and roof/deck systems for all types of structures, while providing excellent insulation value. Two components make up the Fortruss System; Deck Panels and Beam Forms. The Deck Panels are manufactured with high-strength EPS (expanded polystyrene). The Beam Forms are also manufactured with HS-EPS but are wrapped with galvanized sheet metal cladding. The metal cladding provides significant structure and rigidity to the form system during the installation process and concrete placement. In addition, the metal-clad Beam Forms provide plenty of attachment surface for utility installation and underside finishes. The Deck Panels span the gap between the Beam Forms, typically spaced 24 inches on center and provide additional services space below.

When assembled the Deck Panels and Beam Forms provide the form work for a suspended insulated concrete slab. The components remain in place to provide superior insulation with a 100 percent thermal break. The Deck Panels are available in several depth variations allowing engineers and designers the ability to design a configuration that provides a structural slab covering various span and loading conditions. Fortruss is a forming system for structural slabs. The structural capabilities of the Fortruss System are provided by the concrete and steel reinforcement placed in the form work. The final result is a structural, insulated one-way slab with integral beams. Some key features of Fortruss System include:
  • The Fortruss System can contribute to highly energy efficient homes and buildings by providing excellent insulation and tight connection details.
  • Fortruss suspended slabs can be insulated to > R-40 and are excellent floor assemblies for living spaces over un-heated space or roofing applications. Excellent for garage slabs with shop or media room below!
  • The Floor Panels and Beam Forms provide excellent insulation, which is ideal for slabs with radiant in-floor heating systems.
  • Suspended concrete floors are fire safe and provide a sound barrier.
  • Provides a safe working deck for utility and rebar placement prior to concrete placement. Provides a safe working deck for utility and rebar placement prior to concrete placement.
  • Compatibility with insulated concrete forms, cast in-place concrete, precast concrete, structural steel, masonry and wood-framed walls.
  • Designed to be light weight, quick and easy to install without the need for heavy equipment or tools, saving costs in labor and construction time.
  • Creates a reinforced concrete joist and deck that’s familiar to construction trades, which reduces the learning curve for new installers.
  • EPS and concrete are nontoxic, do not off gas, provides no nutrient source for mold or pests and contribute to a healthy indoor environment.

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