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Terrafoam EPE – is a non-collapsing, rebounding Polyethylene void form product that can be used in a wide variety of severe construction applications where resistance to certain hydro-carbon exposures is critical.
Terrafoam EPE

Terrafoam EPE is a foamed polystyrene product suitable for construction applications including the protection of grade beams, structural slabs and pile caps. Its purpose is to absorb strain from swelling clay and freezing sub-grade materials through elastic compression before damage to structures can occur. Terrafoam EPE is made from low density closed cell extruded polyethylene, providing all weather installation and operational performance. It is also an excellent choice for certain hydrocarbon exposure applications.

TERRAFOAM EPE does not collapse or crush with compression, but has excellent recovery from compression, thereby preventing water collection and subsequent expansive forces from ice formation under concrete elements. It has long term buoyancy characteristics, with very low water absorption. TERRAFOAM EPE also functions as thermal insulation, with a resistance rating of approximately RSI 0.56 per 25 mm (R-3.2 per inch).

Terrafoam EPE is available in a variety of densities, compressive strength ratings and sheet sizes.

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