Structural Slab Void Form System

DYNAVOID™ was developed by Beaver Plastics to meet the requirements for a moisture tolerant void form material to be used under structural concrete. It has much different properties than typical void form products, as it is a Dynamic Inclusion, mechanically responsive to expanding soils. Beaver has earned both U.S. and Canadian patents for the product.

DYNAVOID, card void & nordic void is designed to bear the weight of a very heavy structural slab until it has developed enough strength to become self-supporting. Long-term sustained stress from an expanding sub-grade then causes DYNAVOID to collapse due to thermoplastic creep. As the soils expand, the geometry of DYNAVOID converts this vertical strain into a horizontal deflection of supporting legs. Deflection continues until ‘over-center’ mechanical failure, with the collapsed leg segments nested together. A limited amount of simple compression will then continue to absorb sub-grade expansion as with ordinary void form foam materials.

DYNAVOID is produced in different performance ranges and in thickness’ of 100 and 150 mm (4” or 6”), in 1220 by 1220-mm (4’ x 4’) panels. The correct version must be selected to ensure the slab will be supported as well as creep and collapse should sub-grade expansion occur.

Download the Dynavoid Void Form brochure for the product selection chart.

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