EPS and our Environment
EPS and our Environment

EPS is expanded polystyrene, made up of about 2% polystyrene and 98% air. This basic raw material arrives as small beads the size of salt granules. A small amount of pentane gas is contained in the bead, and heating will expand the beads into the needed density. The expanded beads, now some 50 times larger, are then placed into a mould where additional heat fuses them tightly together into the final moulded product.

After product is released from the mould the pentane gas slowly escapes and then biodegrades through microbial digestion. The moulded product remains as air filled closed cells having a high resistance to thermal transmission. EPS is an efficient and economical use of raw materials.

EPS is completely stable and inert. It contains no HFC global warming gases that contribute to climate change, typically used in extruded polystyrene products.

EPS is Being Recycled

Industry and government are developing new alternatives to solid waste disposal problems, and there are some excellent EPS waste solutions. Each geographic area will have a different approach to this, and some are further along than others. We believe we are setting a standard and hope to lead our industry to do a much better job of controlling waste.

Beaver’s Recycling Initiative

Beaver Plastics recognizes and accepts responsible product stewardship*. To this end we have developed a three part plan for reducing waste to landfill for the Edmonton area.

  • JOBSITE READY SIZING. This means offering the contractor custom product sizing that can reduce waste trim and labour on the jobsite, most often at no extra charge.
  • JOBSITE SCRAP RECYCLING. Our Edmonton distributors have joined us with our policy to collect and return insulation waste and scrap product back to our plant for recycling.
  • REDUCED PACKAGING WASTE. We offer an option to reduce waste wrapping, avoiding landfill disposal. Simple strapping of insulation bundles can be an option to full polyethylene film wrap.

Climate Change in Alberta

Global warming is increasingly a visible concern right here in our own province. We believe that our insulation and fruit and vegetable grower products reduce resource consumption, along with supporting the earth’s ecological health by reducing water demand and avoiding the use of complex chemical global warning gases.
*Product Stewardship is where environmental, health, and safety protection centers on the product itself, and everyone involved in the lifespan of the product called upon to be responsible for reducing ecological impacts. Beaver Plastics has policies for the active recycling or disposal of our products. This includes manufacturing products that use (and release) fewer harmful substances, that are more functional, durable and recyclable, using, when possible, recycled materials.
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