Beaver Plastics Ltd.


As all building codes in North America move toward more stringent energy efficient standards, the need to make use of new innovative building systems and insulating materials is key in the design industry. EPS today has evolved dramatically over the last 10 to 15 years into the most adaptable, efficient and cost-effective rigid insulation available. Sustainable and carbon neutral initiatives also look toward EPS as one of the lowest carbon foot-print rigid insulation solutions.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is an innovative, high-performance and low-cost building material engineered to deliver long-term, reliable energy efficiency. EPS insulation is an ideal choice for green building design, offering numerous environmental advantages, including reduced energy consumption, low embodied carbon, recycled content, localized manufacturing and improved indoor air quality.

Beaver Plastics Ltd. is a solutions-driven EPS manufacturer with a long history of developing innovative products and construction solutions in Expanded Polystyrene. Our product offering is extensive and spans several business categories. Builders, General Contractors and OEM businesses rely on creative solutions and high-quality EPS products delivered directly or through our net-work of Distribution Partners. For over 50 years we have been focused on customer driven, new product and new market development.

Residential Construction

Beaver Plastics has developed an innovative product offering for the residential construction market designed to provide code compliant and cost effective solutions for energy efficient, safe and comfortable buildings.

Halo Laminated GPS– is our newest innovation, launched 4 years ago and specifically designed to offer builders cost effective solutions to meet or exceed new building codes as we move toward Net Zero, Zero Carbon or Passive Design. Halo is a high R-value laminated insulation that is unique, offering 3 distinct products specific to building application – both below-grade and above grade.

Terrafoam EPS Rigid Insulation – is our white EPS rigid insulation board available in Type I, II and III as well as high strength (HS) varieties including 30 and 40 psi compressive strength. Terrafoam Rigid Insulation products are produced from inert closed cell expanded polystyrene (E.P.S.) and have excellent resistance to freeze/thaw, zero capillarity, low moisture absorption characteristics and zero off-gassing.
Chrome GPS – is our high-performance graphite rigid insulation board available in Type I, II III and IX (30 psi). This new high-performance technology using graphite enhances the thermal performance of polystyrene resulting in a high R-value insulation, zero loss in long term thermal performance and very low embodied carbon.

Logix Insulated Concrete Forms – is an energy efficient building system designed for long-lasting, disaster resilient, sound proofed, energy-efficient buildings that will use a fraction of the energy required to heat or cool conventional buildings.

Heat Sheet – Heat-Sheet is a unique insulation panel designed specifically for hydronic heating applications in concrete slabs. Its primary functions are to conserve energy, maximize efficiency and reduce installation cost and labour.
Insulworks – is the first insulation panel designed especially for hydronic heating applications with integral slots for the hydronic tubing. Its primary functions are to conserve energy and reduce cost and labor. Insulworks provides an efficient thermal barrier between the heated slab and the underlying ground.
Frost Cushion – is our proprietary ’fingered’ protective void form designed specifically to be used under concrete grade beams to compensate for frost and moisture-induced swelling of underlying soils that might otherwise lift or fracture concrete structures.
Dynaflex – is a light EPS ‘solid’ void form product designed to protect grade beams, some structural slabs, pile caps and other concrete structures from the forces of freezing subgrade materials or expansive clay soils.
Fortruss – Structural Suspended Insulated Concrete Floor/Roof/Deck System